Capitolis Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting Company’s Continued Growth and Expansive Vision for Financial Markets

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New brand identity includes a new logo, brand colors, brand purpose, promise and principles

Capitolis, the technology company reimagining financial markets, announced today its new brand strategy and visual system including a logo which signifies Capitolis’ ability to unlock the potential of the global economy. The company, which enables safe growth in financial markets, wanted its brand to reflect the differentiated experience Capitolis provides clients across its innovative solutions and services.

The new Capitolis brand is grounded in its purpose, promise, and principles — a strategic foundation and framework that reflects its deep relationships with clients, technologically rigorous solutions, and its commitment to building a model company with a focus on societal impact.

Brand Purpose:

We believe the financial markets can and should work better for everyone.

Brand Promise:

With an expansive vision of our industry, its challenges, and its potential, we tailor and scale solutions to unlock capital efficiency, democratize access to capital, and unite institutions with one another — responsibly delivering the best financial services available, at the lowest cost possible, while decreasing risk to the entire system.

Brand Principles:

  1. Innovating at the intersection of finance and technology;
  2. Delivering tailored solutions, at scale;
  3. Transforming big ideas into real-world results;
  4. Driving growth with purpose.

“We are focused on building a company that is good for financial markets and good for our communities, promoting transparency, safety, and prosperity for all,” said Gil Mandelzis, CEO & Founder, Capitolis. “This new brand identity represents Capitolis’ expansive vision for the industry as we strive to innovate beyond the status quo, bringing together a blend of deep financial expertise with superb and scalable technology. We are excited to introduce our new brand as the company continues to grow.”

Capitolis underwent a highly strategic, creative, and inclusive process to develop its brand identity. The company started by gathering insights from internal and external stakeholders, engaging in conversations with Capitolis leaders and clients to get a better understanding of why they think Capitolis exists and the unique value it delivers. This culminated in a strategic story conveying the purpose, design, messaging, services, and experiences of the company.

The new slate of colors associated with the brand is designed to best reflect the company’s bold, expansive vision to lead change. Capitolis conducted an extensive audit to identify key areas of opportunity where the company could really differentiate its overall look and feel to create something that was truly unique to Capitolis.

“The more modern, dynamic logo reflects our ability to realize opportunities that unlock the potential of the global economy and create more relevant and differentiated experiences for our clients,” said Alicia Tillman, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Capitolis. “Our color objective was to stand out from the sea of blue, represent a true fintech company, balance expertise with humanity, and be bold, expressive, and human.”

Tillman joined Capitolis in November 2021 from technology giant, SAP, where she served as Global Chief Marketing Officer. Alicia led SAP to become one of the 20 most valuable brands in the world (BrandZ & Interbrand rankings). Alicia is a three-time Forbes Most Influential CMO in the World.

Capitolis will roll out a new website later this fall reflecting its new brand strategy and as it continues to rapidly scale its business.

Earlier this year, Capitolis launched its company values, which serve as its foundation for operating and its deep commitment to building a company that is innovative, changing the way financial markets operate, and promoting safety and responsibility in the overall financial system.

The Capitolis Values are:

  1. We lead with purpose, while creating exceptional value;
  2. We pursue big breakthroughs, responsibly;
  3. We learn from the best and are unapologetically independent;
  4. We are obsessed with the future, and fanatical about executing today;
  5. We play tough, with heart.

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Furthermore, Capitolis defined its People Attributes that serve as characteristics describing the DNA of Capitolis employees. They provide a consistent framework to hire, assess, and develop the team against.

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