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The Adoption Manager is responsible for driving increased client execution across Capitolis business lines. In this capacity, the Adoption Manager will partner with clients to increase the frequency at which they execute transactions facilitated by Capitolis, to expand the size of such executions, to enlarge the number of participants with which the client base transacts to expand the network and to identify opportunities to cross-sell those clients on other Capitolis business lines and product. 

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Adoption Manager will:

  • Develop client relationships to drive those clients to execution of Capitolis-facilitated transactions
  • Collaborate with internal teams to ensure complete internal alignment focused on client execution
  • Leverage client relationships to drive them to continuous and increasing execution
  • Drive clients through all related execution day processes in coordination with Sales and Operations
  • Provide transparency and reporting to internal stakeholders to track Capitolis business line efficacy and execution growth
  • Ensure product and engineering are informed in real-time of any client feedback that could drive enhancements or improvements to Capitolis products

Key Responsibilities

Client Engagement

  • Work closely with Sales to cause clients to continuously execute transactions facilitated by Capitolis product/business lines. Over time, the Adoption Manager is expected to cause clients to increase the frequency, size, and counterparty pool related to such execution.
  • Engage continuously with key client personnel to encourage, grow and monitor their execution metrics
  • Identify opportunities (client-driven or otherwise) to enhance and improve usage of existing Capitolis products, in addition to steering clients to utilize other Capitolis products as and where relevant
  • Leverage Capitolis personnel to supplement this daily client interaction for purposes of persuading clients to increase their activity and execution with Capitolis

Internal Interface

  • Work collaboratively with various internal Capitolis groups, including (but not limited to):
    • Sales (to sell clients on increasing their execution metrics with Capitolis)
    • Operations (to ensure seamless BAU platform and product usage in addition to managing line escalation issues)
    • Product (to drive existing product enhancement opportunities and provide real-time client feedback)
  • Contribute to the production, maintenance, and analysis of relevant internal reports (including pipelines, execution dashboards, operational reports, etc.) used for execution qualification and business line monitoring

Execution Management

  • Coordinate and assist relevant external parties in the process leading to transaction execution to ensure timely and accurate Capitolis and client delivery, including (but not limited to):
    • Ensuring appropriate client permissions and approvals are received prior to execution
    • Preparing clients for detailed sequential pre-and post-execution process mechanics
    • Sourcing live pricing data from clients where relevant
    • Obtaining real-time feedback to ultimately facilitate execution
    • Distributing (or causing to be distributed) final documentation / templates / confirmations upon execution conclusion, etc.
  • Apply exceptional focus and attention to detail to ensure seamless execution on these fronts and work with other Capitolis teams (primarily Operations) to fulfill this requirement
  • Provide informed recommendations for process improvements that work for individuals as well as the business overall
  • Drive real change through implementation, adoption, and continuous improvement of processes, solutions, and best practices in our markets and businesses

Who You Are

  • Proactivity – Acts proactively in a fluid environment to fulfill responsibilities; exhibits exceptional attention to detail in doing so
  • Tenacity – Determination and ambition to close transactions and grow the client execution base; committed not just to conveying information between parties, but persuading those parties to execute
  • Communication & Organization – Can quickly and accurately communicate both internally and externally to drive to solution creation and implementation targeted towards increased execution; extremely disciplined to be able to accurately track, monitor, and communicate information relating to diverse client bases and products at any time
  • Quality commitment – Commits in actions to continuously enhance the quality of Capitolis service and execution across the various business lines
  • Flexibility – Able to adjust to multiple demands, shifting priorities, and rapid change with a commitment to high standards of integrity
  • Experience – Experience in the foreign exchange market and client relationship management is preferred; proven experience in working collaboratively with internal parties to deliver client solutions, and a history of successfully growing client execution and product use in relevant markets

Capitolis is the leading SaaS platform that drives financial resource optimization for capital markets. Founded in 2017, Capitolis’ network software enables financial institutions to optimize their balance sheets, which creates a fairer, safer, and healthier marketplace. More than 50 financial institutions, as well as many hedge funds and asset managers, leverage Capitolis’ technology to bring the best services to market and achieve high levels of return, while using the most appropriate amounts of their financial resources. Backed by world-class investors, including Index Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Spark Capital, SVB Capital, and S Capital, Capitolis’ team brings decades of experience in launching successful startups, technology, and financial services and is growing rapidly in our offices in New York, London, and Tel Aviv.

550 Fifth Avenue
10th Floor
New York, NY 10036

United Kingdom

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