Capitolis Announces Third Annual Capitolis Connects Program

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Annual program focuses on supporting human service organizations

Capitolis is also taking a stand to support ending gun violence through its platform

Capitolis, the technology company reimagining capital markets, announced its third annual Capitolis Connects, a program focused on supporting national and local human service organizations. For the month of June, Capitolis will donate a portion of all transactional revenue from its platform to national and local human service organizations selected by their employee base. Employees of Capitolis will also personally volunteer their time at each of these local organizations.

With its purpose-driven culture, Capitolis is leveraging its platform to provide for organizations dedicated to helping those most in need. Here are this year’s organizations:

  • Covenant House, New York – Covenant House helps transform and save the lives of more than a million homeless, runaway, and trafficked young people in the New York area;
  • Compliments of The House, London – Compliments of the House is a food redistribution charity in London that collects fresh, surplus food and delivers it to vulnerable individuals and families;
  • Notnim BeAhavah, Tel Aviv – Notnim BeAhavah “Giving with Love” is just that: giving to those who are in need, as equals and from love. Helping a child who’s in a state of risk, aiding families who are below the poverty line, being there for the lonely elder and turning Israel into a better place.

In addition, with the continual gun violence that plagues America’s streets and schools, Capitolis is also taking a stand on behalf of organizations that support ending gun violence from every angle. Capitolis is donating to two of these at the forefront of those efforts:

  • Gun By Gun – Helps mobilize community-led gun buybacks, taking dangerous guns out of circulation.
  • The Brady Plan – 100% of donations go to fund the Brady Plan and their 12-point agenda committed to delivering lifesaving change and comprehensive solutions to people across the country.

“We focused our contributions on the area of Human Services, which carries deep meaning and alignment with our values. When you believe in change, and take action, that’s when progress begins to happen. At Capitolis, we are committed to this responsibility which is why we started Capitolis Connects,” said Gil Mandelzis, CEO and founder of Capitolis.

“Covenant House is extremely grateful for the support from partners such as Capitolis to help provide essential food, shelter, medical attention, and more to our young people that we believe in,” said Tod Monaghan, SVP, Key Partnerships at Covenant House.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been an extremely difficult time for many people, and it has especially been tough on those who are unable to access food from places like supermarkets and restaurants,” said Sinéad Browne, founder and CEO of Compliments of The House. “We greatly appreciate the support from Capitolis to keep our efforts afloat and help those in need during this time.”

Thanks to the efforts of Capitolis’ clients and employees, tens of thousands of dollars were raised in the first two years of Capitolis Connects. Capitolis will be hosting two events in July to celebrate Capitolis Connects and award each organization with their respective donations.

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