We are here to optimize the capital markets.


Our vision is to reimagine how capital markets operate. Capitolis is the leading capital marketplace that drives financial resource optimization for market participants.
Founded in 2017, Capitolis’ technology enables financial institutions to optimize their resources, execute seamlessly with new market participants, and achieve greater access to more diversified capital, all of which enable fairer, safer, and healthier capital markets.
Backed by world class venture capital firms, including 9Yards, Andreessen Horowitz, Canapi Ventures,  Index Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Spark Capital, SVB Capital and S Capital, as well as leading global banks such as Citi, J.P. Morgan and State Street, Capitolis’ team brings decades of experience in launching successful start-ups, technology and financial services and is growing rapidly in our offices in New York, London, and Tel Aviv.


We lead with purpose, while creating exceptional value.

We have to be a little crazy to change the world. We are driven by a deep sense of purpose and are intentional in everything we do. We are extremely passionate about what we do − this is not just a job. We believe purpose and value creation go hand in hand. Our platform enables us to make a bigger impact.

We pursue big breakthroughs, responsibly.  

We innovate to solve big problems. We embrace failure, don’t break things that really matter, and try hard not to make the same mistake twice. We move fast and iterate faster. We are responsible, ethical, street-smart and wise, and because we have been around the block a few times, our maturity guides us. Many are counting on us, and we take that very seriously.

We learn from the best and are unapologetically independent.

We proudly stand on the shoulders of giants. We are curious and inspired by others. We read, seek advice and perspective, listen, and question ourselves with humility. We collaborate broadly to bring in the best ideas. Yet, we make our own decisions, thoughtfully, based on our values, data, and logic. We are trailblazing our own path with conviction and courage.

We are obsessed with the future and fanatical about executing today.

We are maniacal about having a clear vision for the long-term. We are patient, building for scale, and investing for tomorrow. “Vision without execution is hallucination.” We prioritize only what matters and relentlessly deliver. We are agile, swift, and results driven.

We play tough, with heart.

We are more like a professional sports team than a family and are playing to win at the highest levels. We are all in. We have ridiculously high standards, voice our opinions and give direct feedback. We hold people accountable and there is no time to micromanage. We do not have capacity or patience for ego, pettiness, whispers, hierarchy, or politics. Only super smart, badass, good humans on our team. We believe in diversity and equality, cultivate meaningful relationships and respect each other’s needs, while considering the whole. We deeply care for and support one another, our families, and our broader communities. We create an environment where we are all that we can be.


At Capitolis, we contribute to societal goals through ethical and sustainable efforts. Put simply, we are building a legacy company that will have a lasting impact in the market. In everything we do, we aim to operate responsibly, make the world a better place, be a leader, and a fast-follower when we might not have all the answers up front. This guides not only our core mission of making capital markets safer and healthier, but also for every other aspect of our operations: how and who we recruit, how we treat our people, and how we interact with our partners and customers. To learn more about our vision and efforts, read the blog from our CEO and Founder, Gil Mandelzis.





Gil Mandelzis
CEO & Founder
Tom Glocer
Executive Chairman & Co-Founder
Justin Klug
Igor Teleshevsky
Jen Vanderwall
Chief People & Culture Officer
Alicia Tillman
Chief Marketing Officer
Callie Reynolds
Chief Customer & Process Officer
Stuart Wexler
General Counsel
Lindsey Baptiste
Chief Financial Officer
Ben Tobin
SVP, Head of Europe
James Kibbe
SVP, Equity Financing
Gerard Varjacques
Head of Sales
Amos Arev
EVP, Engineering & General Manager, Israel
Hen Lotan
SVP, Strategy and Corporate Development
David Lamb
Chief Risk Officer


Capitolis is funded by the world’s most prominent venture capital firms and leading global banks.