A Legacy of Lasting Impact

We’re guided by more than just our goal of making capital markets safer, healthier, and more accessible. We’re working to make the world a better place. From charitable causes and volunteer work to practicing eco-friendly habits at work and at home, we’re creating impact in our industry—and the world around us.

Company Values

We believe a strong and safe financial system is critical for a well-functioning society and should work for everyone.

We have the obligation and privilege to build and operate a model company for a better world, and lead by example, with purpose and intention in everything we do. We operate with a clear set of values that guide usour way of being, decisions, and actions. These values define who we are, and we are committed to all of them. 

These values are uniquely ours. We integrate lessons and learnings from others to inspire, influence, and shape our direction. If these valuesall of themspeak to you, this is an amazing place, but we are not for everyone. 

Our values are living and breathing, they help us deliver our purpose, and will change over time with feedback to best represent who we are today, who we aspire to be, and how we evolve. 


Inspired By Game-Changers

We are curious and inspired by others. We’ve created this page to showcase brands that we admire and embrace in some form or another across Capitolis, or in our personal lives. Our employees contribute to this showcase, and we encourage you to share your favorite brands with us too!

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is dedicated to making affordable, high-quality food more accessible while helping break the cycle of food waste. They work directly with farmers and makers to rescue organic produce and other grocery items that might otherwise go to waste, helping to prevent food waste, and ultimately helping to save our environment.


Ellevest encourages women to take control of their own money and finances and introduces them into the world of finance. 

BLQK Coffee

BLQK is a LA based coffee brand that donates 10% of its profits to charity or to directly invest in their communities.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics has created the cruelty-free movement which focuses on ending animal testing. They also include a wide range of products made up of organic and natural ingredients.

Prosperity Candle

Prosperity Candle works with female artisans and refugees to create ethically, handmade gifts for any occasion. All candles are crafted using all-natural, organic materials.

Branch Basics

Branch Basics is a 100% female-founded company that’s working to eliminate toxins in cleaning products. Their mission encourages us all to live a natural, healthy lifestyle. 


Toms is a company with a social and environmental mission. For every pair of shoes purchased, Toms will donate a pair of shoes to a person in need. Additionally, a portion of every purchase goes to funding mental health resources for individuals that lack access to them.


Patagonia is one of the original purpose companies. For almost 40 years, they have supported grassroots groups working to find solutions to the environmental crisis.