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We don’t just see untapped potential in the global economy. We have the blueprints, solutions, and expertise to unlock that potential, propelling you—and the market—forward.

Capitolis is focused on innovative ideas which help prime brokers and their clients. We are delighted to be engaged in new and creative products to help the prime brokerage industry move forward in the right direction.

Top 20 Global Bank

The Capitolis platform has brought a new level of client service to the market by connecting a network of counterparties through a seamless and automated process that provides new efficiencies and cost benefits.

Large Global Bank

Capitolis’ approach to innovation within the financial markets is unique and transformational.

Top 10 Global Bank

Their products have improved resource efficiencies and unlocked previously idle capacity in OTC markets. This ultimately helps our organization deliver better results on behalf of our clients and ensures market participants have great access to financial resources.

Large Global Financial Institution

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