Connecting Human Service Organizations with Global Capital

At Capitolis, we believe the connection between what we do and who we are is more important than ever. That’s why we take the time to support the communities in which we live and operate.

For this reason, we are excited to announce the partner organizations for our fifth annual Capitolis Connects initiative. Capitolis Connects is our initiative that connects capital markets with Human Service Organizations in New York, London, and Tel Aviv doing innovative and impactful work to serve these communities.

Local Organizations

For one month in 2024, Capitolis will donate a portion of all transactional revenue from our platform. The donation will be split among local Human Service Organizations in New York, London, and Tel Aviv. This year’s organizations are:

POTS Bronx | New York
Sarcoma UK | London
The Michal Sela Forum (MSF) | Tel Aviv
Coalition for the Homeless – Grand Central Food Program | New York

Thanks to the efforts of our clients and employees, over one hundred thousand dollars was raised in the first four years.

We look forward to raising more in 2024 and engaging with our partners.