People Attributes



Capitolis seeks to build our team and culture with extraordinary people. Our People Attributes provide a consistent framework to hire, assess, and develop our team against.

  • Quality Thinking – goal-oriented, logical, clear and concise, see the essence, break down problems to solve them, how your brain works

  • Know what good looks like – excellent skills and experience, knowledgeable, learned over time

  • All in – all about making our company successful, act like an owner, care more about achieving the goal than looking good, unafraid to raise issues and ask difficult questions, fight to make sense of things, not just a job

  • Get stuff done – entrepreneurial, scrappy, gritty, relentless, agile/nimble, operate with a sense of urgency, crush it, reliable

  • High standards – demand to work with the best (A-players), no tolerance for mediocrity, give honest and direct feedback, hold one another accountable

  • Team player – collaborative, help each other grow, care deeply about the people around us, treat others with decency and compassion, no big egos

  • Open-mindedstrong opinions loosely held, know what you don’t know, seek input from others to inform your view, listen and be willing to change your mind

  • Authentic and real – comfortable enough to be ourselves, honest, unguarded, no façade

  • Pursue self-actualization – self-aware, humble, learn from mistakes, intentional, curious, continuous growth and development


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